Job Analysis

Job Analysis

A job analysis, also called a practice analysis or a role delineation study, is an empirically-based study that describes the practice domains as well as identifies important tasks, knowledge and/or skills necessary for competent performance in a job role or occupation. This industry-recognized, well-documented process provides a valid and defensible foundation for an organization to use the outcomes from the study to generate a variety of products and services, as well as to make future decisions about a certificate or certificate program. A job analysis is also an appropriate and useful instrument to gather information to shape continuing education and professional development efforts.

Community Benefit Connect engaged a national panel of community benefit practitioners to undertake a psychometrician-led job analysis on the role of the community benefit professional. The Job Analysis report includes the following information:

  • Industry Description
  • Overview of Study Methodology
  • Content Domains and Weightings
  • Knowledge Weightings
  • Professional Titles
  • Task Force Members

The Executive Summary and Complete Report can be accessed here.

Content Domains

The results of the job analysis resulted in five unique community benefit role domains.  The weights for each domain were developed and are shown as an assigned percentage.  As an example, one-fourth (25%) of a community benefit professional’s role consists of tasks related to community health improvement and strategic planning.

Content Domains and Weighting

1. Community Health Improvement and Strategic Planning 25%
2. Regulatory Requirements, Compliance, and Reporting 23%
3. Infrastructure 18%
4. External Stakeholder Engagement 18%
5. Data Collection, Reporting, and Evaluation 18%

Task Statements

The tasks that make up each domain are listed below:

Domain 1
Community Health Improvement and Strategic Planning
1 Advocates for organizational policy and practice changes to support community health improvement
2 Analyzes health care landscape to identify opportunities for the advancement of community benefit
3 Creates the business case for community benefit
4 Determines the community readiness incorporating the internal needs of what should be measured
5 Establishes the links between population health improvement and community benefit
6 Facilitates the development of measurable community health improvement plans and implementation strategies that link with the health system’s strategic plans
7 Identifies best practices to improve quality of life and reduce health disparities in the communities served by the health system
8 Identifies policy levers that align and support community benefit initiatives
9 Identifies potential opportunities to provide funding for identified health needs
10 Integrates strategic planning methodologies into community benefit program planning
11 Launches pilot innovations to improve the health of the community
12 Leverages community benefit efforts and investments to align with organization’s mission, vision and strategic priorities and implementation strategies
13 Provides analyses to inform budgeting process for community benefit
14 Provides data as a resource for decision-making in related efforts throughout the hospital/health system
15 Provides leadership and advocacy to address health improvement through policy, systems, and environmental change
16 Provides leadership for community benefit programs to address social determinants of health and health equity
17 Promotes integration of community benefit planning into the organization’s strategic and financial planning processes
18 Strategizes new opportunities for community benefit with key internal leaders
19 Supports development of community benefit program goals, objectives, and measures
20 Supports the creation of community-based and community-partnered initiatives to enhance and improve the health of targeted populations as identified in the CHNA and other sources
21 Utilizes benchmarking and performance improvement tools to enhance strategic planning, priority setting and alignment of programs
Domain 2
Regulatory Requirements, Compliance, and Reporting
1 Assists with additional community assessments
2 Collaborates with internal auditors to identify and provide expertise on community benefit programs for compliance with regulatory reporting guidelines and current standards
3 Completes all aspects of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)
4 Completes all aspects of the Implementation Strategy
5 Develops the annual Community Benefit Report
6 Ensures IRS Schedule H narrative responses are completed and aligned with current federal guidance
7 Maintains a working knowledge of applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations to ensure adherence in a manner that reflects honest, ethical and professional behavior
8 Manages timely and accurate coordination for community benefit external regulatory requirements and internal community benefit systems
9 Serves as a liaison to the various departments that support patient access to care (e.g., finance, legal), keeping them apprised of the reporting requirements for financial assistance
10 Serves as the community benefit expert in interpreting standards and accounting guidelines
11 Works with Finance Department regarding Schedule H/Form 990 submission
Domain 3
1 Applies for funding opportunities for identified health needs
2 Builds internal capacity to address identified community health needs
3 Collaborates with marketing and communications functions to employ various media to tell the community benefit story
4 Coordinates community benefit related research projects
5 Evaluates proposals/applications for grant making
6 Facilitates multidisciplinary teams to address community needs
7 Facilitates the development, communication and implementation of community benefit policies and procedures
8 Facilitates work of committees that oversee community benefit
9 Identifies potential opportunities to obtain funding for identified health needs
10 Makes recommendations to grant committees
11 Manages grant committees
12 Oversees community benefit budgeting process
13 Oversees students pursuing opportunities specific to community benefit, community health needs assessments and/or implementation strategies
14 Participates in ongoing professional development related to community benefit
15 Performs site visits for grant making
16 Provides technical assistance through training, in services, and webinars to standardize reporting for community benefit programs, activities and investments
17 Recommends organizational structure to ensure effective community benefit outcomes
18 Serves as a resource for staff working in activities that qualify as community benefit
19 Supports reporting of community benefit expenditures
20 Trains community benefit team and health system/hospital leaders in health equity principles to improve health (e.g., diversity, inclusion, intentional and unintentional bias)
21 Works with key internal clinical leaders and administrators to strengthen community health outreach, health education and prevention programs that are best practices/evidence-based
Domain 4
External Stakeholder Engagement
1 Develops outreach materials for user education
2 Develops training for outreach in the community
3 Facilitates cross-sector teams to address community health needs
4 Facilitates sharing of best practices/evidence-based and innovations related to community benefit
5 Fosters relationships with key community partners and networks to plan, set priorities, align programs
6 Partners with public health organizations
7 Prioritizes ongoing authentic and culturally competent community engagement
8 Serves as a convener of stakeholders to address identified community health needs
9 Serves as community benefit resource externally, representing organization’s commitments in community health endeavors and partnerships
Domain 5
Data Collection, Reporting, and Evaluation
1 Analyzes community benefit Inventory data and other data sources (Healthy Communities Institute); and provide leadership on using data to enhance community benefit systems and planning
2 Communicates program implementation, evaluation, and outcomes to stakeholders
3 Creates standard measurement system to report progress and provide evaluation of community health improvement goals, interpreting information for ongoing plan revision
4 Develops framework for evaluating health outcomes
5 Manages the community benefit reporting data using specialized software or other designated tools
6 Provides and interprets data for the community
7  Provides data for use in strategic planning, advocacy and other functional areas


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