Community Health Improvement Navigator – A New Resource for Community Benefit

By Melissa Biel

Tags: community benefit, nonprofit hospitals, community health, collaboration, evidenced-based practice, community health needs assessment

The CDC has launched a helpful new resource available for community benefit practice and community health improvement called the Community Health Improvement Navigator.   “Community health improvement (CHI) is a process to identify and address the health needs of communities. Because working together has a greater impact on health and economic vitality than working alone, CHI brings together health care, public health, and other stakeholders to consider high-priority actions to improve community health.”

A number of resources center on four tenets to guide community health improvement:

  • Work Together
  • Communicate
  • Engage the Community
  • Sustain Improvement Results

A set of tools are provided to assist with the steps for a successful CHI process.  These steps are:

  • Assess needs and resources
  • Focus on what’s important
  • Choose effective policies and programs
  • Act on what’s important
  • Evaluation actions

One especially useful component of the Community Health Improvement Navigator is the Database of Indicators (  This tool focuses on four action areas—socioeconomic factors, physical environment, health behaviors, and clinical care. It provides a database of best practice and evidence-based interventions for community programs.

The CDC has succeeded in developing an easy-to-navigate site that highlights proven resources.  I encourage you to take a look around the CHI Navigator.  Community Benefit Connect will provide links to the site through the related steps of the CB Process.