Free Webinar – October 31, 2017

A Multi-Sector Approach to Improving Child Mental Health: The DC Collaborative for Mental Health in Pediatric Primary Care

9 am PT/10 am MT/11 am CT/12 Noon ET

Dr. Lee Beers
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Medical Director for Municipal and Regional Affairs, Children’s National’s Goldberg Center for Community Pediatric Health and Child Health Advocacy Institute

Mental health is a significant health need identified in many of our hospital service areas. In this country, approximately 13% of youth live with a serious mental illness, but only about 20% of those with mental illness get the help they need. While primary care providers are often positioned to assess a child’s behavioral problems early on, many feel ill-equipped to make the right referrals, prescribe medications, or manage a chronic condition. To give pediatricians the resources they need, Children’s National worked with other area intuitions to establish the DC Collaborative for Mental Health in Pediatric Primary Care.

This webinar will describe local efforts by Children’s National to integrate mental health services into pediatric primary care. Dr. Beers will describe several key initiatives of the DC Collaborative for Mental Health in Pediatric Primary Care and discuss how taking a health network approach to this complex issue improves outcomes and provides community benefit.

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Social Determinants of Health

The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions conducted a nationally representative online survey of about 300 hospitals and health systems to identify what they are doing to try and address the social determinants of health. Also included in the survey were challenges faced by the hospitals to implement health-focused efforts. This is an excellent resource if your hospital is exploring ways to address the social determinants of health in your community.

Hospital Community Benefit Exceed Tax Exemption 11:1

The American Hospital Association engaged Ernst & Young to quantify hospital tax exemption and the associated value of community benefit contributions. “According to the report, non-profit hospitals in 2013, the most recent year for which data is available, were exempt from an estimated $6 billion in federal taxes and provided an estimated $67.4 billion in community benefits.” The report is available at

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  1. community health improvement and strategic planning
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  3. infrastructure
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Job Analysis

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Community Benefit Coordinator (Full Time)
BayCare Health System
Clearwater, FL

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